Meet The Crew: John and Amy



I grew in South Texas, spending as much time in the water as I could. I started surfing when I was 14 and would occasionally skip school to go surfing if the waves were good. (sorry Mom) I borrowed a friend’s 14′ Hobie Cat in college and learned to sail.

I started diving in the military and am currently a Dive Master. I’m considering going for Dive Instructor but there never seems to be enough time to take the class.  I have gone diving all over the world, some of the best diving has been in Cozumel.

I enjoy spending time outside, especially next to or in the water. I try to go surfing or paddle boarding as often as I can. I have even made several surfboards but there hasn’t been time to do that since I was in High School. I think there are some half finished boards laying around somewhere…

I’m waiting to retire and sail the boat to some warm weather destinations, until then I spend my time researching how to fix things on the boat.

Unlike my husband, I had never been on a boat bigger than a dive boat before buying the sailboat. It was a leap of faith that we could get her ready to sail and that I could sail. I’m still not 100% positive on that, but the percentage rises every time we finish a project and we get closer to D day.

I am a certified open water diver, and we dive when ever we get the chance. We have gone diving here in Texas, the Florida Keys, Belize, Aruba and Cozumel.

I love to travel and before my kids fly the coop, I want to introduce them to as much of the USA as I can. We have taken trips to National parks such as Yellowstone, Arches and the Grand Canyon, seen the Redwoods in California, white water rafted in Oregon and dove in the Florida Keys. Next year we are planning a trip to Maine.  Brr, I will need to break out our winter coats!

I love coffee, good coffee that is. I am a coffee snob, no store bought coffee for me, we import all our coffee from Cafe Britt. They have the BEST coffee,  I’ve even gone to the factory in Costa Rica. Honestly, I really love good coffee!

I also love wine. I’m not sure how this is going to work cruising as we go thru a lot of wine. I’m open to suggestions for those that love wine and have to store it.


We met in January of 2009 and were married in October. I have two daughters from a previous marriage and John has one son. Currently the girls live with us, and his son is in college. We both hold full time jobs.

The Plan

We plan on retiring early, selling our house and living full time on the boat. As of right now, we have a 6-7 year estimated time frame for this, but that could change.

The Goal

We would like to sail to Mexico, the Caribbean and any other warm destination that appeals to us.


We just had her towed out of a location that was silted in and now we are able to take her our (almost) whenever we want. Tide and winds willing. Now to start working on The List of things she needs fixed. (it’s a loooong list)

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