It has been how long since I’ve written anything? Usually I would say I have’t written because we haven’t done anything, but right now it’s the opposite. We have been working on a ton of projects, and even finished a couple!

Lifesling cover

I made a new cover for the old, sad Lifesling that we bought used. It was in fairly rough shape, but the insides were fine, just really dirty. I hear that there is a Sailrite video on how to make a replacement cover, but I like to do my own thing. I took the old bag apart and used it as a pattern for the new one. You can see how faded and tattered the old one was.

old lifesling cover

I bought some Sunbrella awning material in Pacific Blue on ebay. I was lucky that it matched but I would still have used it if it hadn’t. I set the old bag pieces on top of the new fabric, took some measurements and cut the new pieces out.

lifesling pattern

As I was taking the old one apart, I took several pictures so I would have something to reference if I got stuck and it’s a good thing that I did. Because I did get stuck, although I think it was more of a questionable design than anything. The way the older bag are put together is…odd. I had almost finished it when I decided that I didn’t like how it closed and I wanted the top part to completely cover the bag. I ripped out some seams and changed it to how I thought it should be.



John cleaned up the insides and they look amazingly clean, and the line was recently replaced. Here is the finished product, I think it turned out very well. I would love to have the name of the boat on it somewhere, but for now, it’s done.



John finished installing the head. We have been working on this project for a looooong time. From getting a broken one from Defender to finding out what we ordered doesn’t fit, this has been the most frustrating project. In addition to getting it in place and connecting all the new hoses and new wiring,


there were holes from the old head that had to be filled and the fiberglass had to be painted to match the existing color. John was amazing at this, you wouldn’t even know that it was filled/fixed/epoxy-ed. And now, at a push of a button, we have a flushing head to use! WOOHOO!


No more having to run to the gas station every time I had to go (and it was always me that had to go, never John). There is one last thing to be installed though, John took the holding tank out

holding tank

and is working on reconfiguring it so that it can be pumped out as well as discharge directly out when we can’t find a pump out. Once that is back in, the system will be completely done. (until we decide to upgrade the holding tank to a bigger one)

Hot water tank

The boat now has hot water! When we finished running all the water hoses, the hot water hoses terminated with caps. When we would turn the water on, the pump would cycle on and off several times a minute, which isn’t correct. John checked everything to see if it was caused by leaks (and he fixed a couple leaks) but that wasn’t the cause of the issue. He finally decided that the hoses needed to be connected to the hot water heater to get rid of all the air in the lines and pressurize properly. He had to crawl into the engine compartment to install it. (and of course I got some good pictures of that!) Now that it’s installed, the pump doesn’t cycle all the time and we have hot water!





Woodstock Wind chimes

One cosmetic thing I picked up was new wind chimes. The old ones broke and we were losing tubes, we found some of them, but some went into the water. So I bought a new set but I’m not impressed with the quality of these, the strings are much thinner that the old set. sigh I hate having to fix something new. They do sound pretty though.



We picked up a used sail that we were hoping would fit the boat, but alas, it didn’t. I was planning on cutting it up and sewing something with it, but to be honest, I’m not going to get around to that anytime soon. John mentioned that we have several old sails that don’t fit the boat hanging out in the storage room so we contacted Seabags and told them we have a couple sails we needed to trade in. They sent me a Fed Ex sticker and we sent them two sails that we couldn’t use. In return they sent us this bag that I love:


I’m very happy it, and it’s made out of our old sails. How cool is that?


And lastly we went to Vegas for a weekend to visit with some friends for a much needed break and we did two important things. We jumped off the Stratosphere (!!) and we got tattoos to replace our wedding rings. (Awww)



There is another big project we are working on, hopefully it will be finished in the next week or so.



Some projects completed; head, hot water tank, Lifesling cover and more.
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